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Paradise Philippines is alive and kicking!

No, this will not just be a collection of free articles about Philippines and it's beauty. I'll be writing some unique stuffs here too. Well, as we all know, copied content are no good when it comes to search engine optimization, so, I just posted those copied articles so that my visitors, if there is, have something interesting to read. But will they really read something here? Most probably, they are just here lurking around thinking on how come this blog is ranking on Paradise Philippines keyword, sana nga, ganun!

But hey, the contest has just begun, and I will try my best to rank well on Paradise Philippines keyword. Can I rank better than them? I don't know. All I know is that I can test all the knowledge and skills I acquired on SEO so as to rank again here. So, that's all for now. Philippines is a paradise. Yes, it's a paradise to me, because I am from the Philippines. Who the hell will tell their country that it is a hell, anyway? But yes, Philippines is a paradise. Just look at Boracay and many other beaches here in the Philippines.

Well, i think, this is enough for an introduction. I think you think I am making no sense at all. Well, you are right! This is nothing but a nonsense post about paradise Philippines. Cheer up!

By the way, forgive my English because I'm not American. I'm from the Philippines, so, don't expect me to talk in English fluently. Ok? Ok, enough all of this nonsense. But yes, Philippines is a paradise! As if you didn't know?